Thirsty Thursday Promotions Schedule



While the primary goal of this site is to cover the baseball action in the Bluegrass, a major component of the minor league baseball experience is the ballpark promotion.  So each “Thirsty Thursday” (one of the most universal minor league promotions) I’ll rundown the schedule of promotions for the next week for each of the three minor league teams in Kentucky.  Clicking on each teams’ names will take you to the team’s official promotion schedule.

Louisville Bats:

  • Thursday: $1 Budweiser Game Time Happy Hour; Tom Willis Night
  • Friday: Friday Night Fireworks; Rally’s Grand Slam Friday; $2 “Craft” Beer Happy Hour; IU-Southeast Night
  • Saturday: Myron Noodleman
  • Sunday: Kids run the bases; Jake the Diamond Dog; Messenger Bag Giveaway; Knothole Gang Kids Day
  • Monday: Meijer Monday
  • Tuesday: $1 Hot Dog & Pepsi Night; AAA Discount; Insight Special; Kraft Singles Tuesday Tickets
  • Wednesday: AWAY

Bowling Green:

  • AWAY UNTIL AUG. 8, 2009


  • AWAY UNTIL AUG. 8, 2009

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