Byrd Returns

Major League Baseball

Paul Byrd

Louisville, Ky., native and St. Xavier alum Paul Byrd returned to the major leagues Sunday with a six-inning shutout performance for the Boston Red Sox.  Byrd was making his first start of the season after announcing his “temporary retirement” in the off-season.  Bryd hoped to sign with a team following the June draft when that team would no longer risk losing a draft pick because of his Type B free agent status, but no team called until the Red Sox made him an offer in August.

Byrd worked his way back through the minor leagues before receiving his call to Boston to replace an injured Tim Wakefield Sunday.  He responded in a big way, outdueling Cy Young contender Roy Halladay and the Toronto Blue Jays.  Check these links to see what the Boston writers are saying about Byrd’s performance.

  • Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe writes no one could have expected what Byrd gave the Red Sox.
  • John Tomase of the Boston Herald writes that Byrd costs little, wins big.
  • Ian Browne of reports that the Red Sox swept the Blue Jays behind “Byrd’s fine outing.”

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