WS Links: Blanton keeps Phillies in, but team still loses

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Joe Blanton; Photo from Wikimedia Commons

UK alum Joe Blanton pitched well enough against New York Yankees ace C. C. Sabathia to keep the Phillies in the game, but his performance wasn’t enough as the Yankees overcame a late Phillies rally to win 7-4 and take a 3-1 World Series lead. Unless Phillies manager Charlie Manuel brings Blanton back on three days rest over a struggling Cole Hamels in a possible game seven, he’s probably made his last appearance in the Series.


  • David Gurian-Peck of writes that Blanton’s “real good job” went for naught.
  • Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer agrees that “Country Joe and the Flesh” pitched well enough for the Phillies to win, and the series isn’t over yet, but it’s close.
  • And this, possibly the best description of Blanton you’ll read, from Billy Lyon of the Philadelphia Inquirer:
  • Blanton is a beefy bulldog, solid if not spectacular, generally reliable. In another time, he would wear red suspenders and a bowler hat and draw you a beer at the corner watering hole and come to your defense if a brawl broke out. He is a 6-3 pitcher – six innings and three runs, cranking them out like a mimeo machine.”
  • John Paul Morosi of writes that Blanton’s performance was almost exactly what the Phillies expected.
  • The Associated Press reports that both teams received warnings after Blanton hit Alex Rodriguez in the first inning.
  • UK Athletics has a news release on Blanton’s start.

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