Friedrich, Revere, Carroll, Heisey, Wood and Lyles earn Player of the Year honors

Minor League Baseball

Sawyer Carroll; Photo: UK Athletics

Jonathan Mayo and Lisa Winston of have picked their minor league offensive and pitcher of the year winners for each of the 30 major league franchises. As you might expect, several include information about BluGrass Baseball players, and I’ve passed those along below.

  • EKU alum Christian Friedrich was named the Rockies best minor league pitcher.
  • Lexington Christian Academy alum Ben Revere was named the Minnesota Twins offensive player of the year.
  • UK alum Sawyer Carroll was named co-offensive player of the year in the San Diego Padres system.
  • selected 2009 Louisville Bats Chris Heisey and Travis Wood as the Reds’ player and pitcher of the year.
  • Lexington Legends ace Jordan Lyles was named the Astros’ pitcher of the year, and former Legend Koby Clemens was named the offensive player of the year in the Houston Astros’ system.
  • Bowling Green Hot Rods ace Matt Moore is mentioned among the lower level prospects in the Tampa Bay Rays’ system that will likely contribute down the road.

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