BA breaks down the James Paxton lawsuit

College Baseball

Aaron Fitt of Baseball America has posted an in-depth examination of the James Paxton, right, situation on the BA Web site. The story is subscriber-only so I’m not going to reprint much here. However to review what we already knew/suspected. Paxton is almost certainly under investigation by the NCAA for violating the no-agent rule. UK says that investigation is based on comments from Toronto Blue Jays interim President Paul Beeston to the (Toronto) Globe and Mail about Paxton’s relationship with super agent Scott Boras. “Because it was Scott, the way that you deal, you deal through him. You don’t deal through the family,” Beeston said. “Now I would prefer to deal with the family and I wonder whether I could have done a better job on it.”

Paxton is trying to avoid submitting to the investigation by saying UK must inform him in writing of the charges against him per the Student Code of Conduct. If the court agrees that the code of conduct prevents UK from compelling Paxton to testify, his attorneys hope UK would not have enough evidence to suspend the ace.

Fitt lists three possible outcomes worth considering:

  1. Paxton can submit to the interview and dispute Beeston’s account.
  2. Paxton can submit to the interview and admit to breaking the “no agent” rule, then accept whatever penalty is meted out.
  3. Paxton can fight the “no agent” rule in court.

Option two isn’t much of an option because the NCAA would likely declare Paxton permanently ineligible for violating the rule. (Read BA’s story)

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