Happy Holidays from BluGrass Baseball

College Baseball, Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball

Brandon Webb; Photo by SD Dirk via Flickr

As you’ve probably noticed the Web site has been in a brief hiatus this week coinciding with the holidays, and I hope you’re enjoying your holiday’s as much as I have enjoyed mine. But we all know the true meaning of Christmas lies in the giving and not the receiving so I’ve produced my gift list for some of the prominent Kentucky baseball figures.

  • For the University of Kentucky a quick and clean end to the James Paxton lawsuit.
  • For the University of Louisville several more years of coach Dan McDonnell before follows John Cohen’s footsteps out of the Bluegrass to greener pastures.
  • For Western Kentucky University a third consecutive NCAA tournament appearance to make this officially a three university baseball state.
  • For the Lexington Legends patience on the part of the Houston Astros’ player development staff to send top prospect Jiovanni Mier to Lexington instead of Lancaster.
  • For the Louisville Bats a full season from top Cincinnati Reds prospect Yonder Alonso instead of a Spring Training callup.
  • For the Bowling Green Hot Rods a better season than appears on the horizon after the Tampa Bay Rays failed to sign their first two picks in 2009.
  • For Eastern Kentucky University a once-in-a-decade talent for the 2010s to match Christian Friedrich from the 2000s.
  • For Murray State and Morehead State further improvement to fill out the second tier of Kentucky baseball colleges.
  • For free agents Todd Wellemeyer and Austin Kearns major league contracts despite a glut of available players at their positions.
  • For trade candidate Dan Uggla a new team that lets him play second base and slug his annual 30 home runs.
  • For former Cy Young winner Brandon Webb a healthy season in preparation for his 2010 free agency.

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