profiles Brandon Webb’s return from injury

Major League Baseball

Brandon Webb; Photo by SD Dirk via Flickr

I’ve made no secret since BluGrass Baseball started last summer about my affection for Arizona Diamondbacks ace Brandon Webb. Webb is about a Kentucky as they come in the major league (born in Ashland, attended the University of Kentucky and still resides in Boyd County in during the offseason). Brandon’s 2009 season ended after just four innings on Opening Day, but after undergoing successful shoulder surgery his arm feels fine, and as Jerry Crasnick of reports, he’s chomping at the bit for 2010. (Read more)

I encourage you to jump over to the World Wide Leader to check out the full profile of Webb, but I found this segment about his Kentucky roots particularly enjoyable:

Webb’s typical winter routine took a detour this offseason. He usually loads the family into a recreational vehicle and makes the trip from the Arizona desert to his home in Kentucky, where he gets his fill of hunting and Kentucky Wildcat basketball. He also keeps his arm limber playing catch with his father, Philip, a chemist for Marathon Oil, in his hometown of Ashland.

Webb spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Kentucky, but the “Field of Dreams” scenario was scotched when he had to return to Arizona early to work with the Diamondbacks’ training staff. But Philip Webb has made it clear he’s ready to go next winter.”

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