Blanton, Pence, Rodriguez don’t reach arbitration agreements; Cox among NCAA’s best

College Baseball, High School Baseball, Major League Baseball

Joe Blanton; Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday was the MLB deadline for arbitration-eligible players and teams to exchange salary figures. If teams and players don’t agree to terms before a arbitration hearing a judge will side with one party. Check out two relevant arbitration updates and a honor for a Kentucky high school alum in some afternoon links:

  • Alden Gonzalez of reports University of Kentucky alum Joe Blanton and the Philadelphia Phillies are far apart in their exchanged salary arbitration figures.
  • Most arbitration cases meet somewhere in the middle of the two exchanged figures, but Blanton and the Phillies are so far apart this probably will go to a hearing.
  • The College Baseball Blog ranked Louisville-native, PRP alum and Arkansas infielder Zack Cox the third best player in college baseball.
  • Brian McTaggert of reports Lexington Legends Hall of Famers Hunter Pence and Wandy Rodriguez did not reach a deal with the Astros before Tuesday’s deadline to exchange salary arbitration figures.
  • Darren Heitner of the Sports Agent Blog examines what implications the James Paxton situation will have on college advisors.

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