Bertram highlights Legends caravan stop

Minor League Baseball

Michael Bertram; Photo by mwlguide via Flickr

The Lexington Legends winter caravan made its stop in Lexington today, and several current Kentucky minor leaguers made appearances at the event. A class conflict kept me away from the event, but Mark Maloney of the Lexington Herald-Leader was there to talk to University of Kentucky alums Michael Bertram and John Shelby III. along with Lexington-natives Ben Revere, Chaz Roe and Robbie Ross. Maloney has an excellent writeup of Bertram’s rise through the Detroit Tigers system last season you should check out. Too often we get caught up about prospect status when following the minor leagues, but Bertram is an excellent example of a “organizational player” who hasn’t let any of his low prospect rankings affect his play as he pursues his dream. (Read more)

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