Live Blog: UK vs. Bowling Green State (UK 6 — BGSU 3)

College Baseball

UK second baseman Chris Bisson bats in the first inning against Bowling Green State

I’m on official assignment at Cliff Hagan Stadium for BluGrass Baseball and will keep an inning-by-inning updated of the game below:

Top of First Inning

  • BGSU sophomore shortstop Jon Berti strikes out swinging.
  • Senior second baseman Logan Meisley walks.
  • Senior first baseman Dennis Vaughn fouls out to third base.
  • Senior third baseman Derek Spencer grounds out third baseman Andy Burns to first baseman Gunner Glad.

Bottom of First Inning

  • UK junior second baseman Chris Bisson flies out to to left field.
  • Sophomore left fielder Chad Wright grounds out, shortstop to first base.
  • Sophomore third baseman Andy Burns walks.
  • Senior catcher Marcus Nidiffer walks, Burns to second.
  • Senior first baseman Gunner Glad flies out to center field.

Top of the Second Inning

  • Senior catcher Tyler Elkins grounds out shortstop Taylor Black to first baseman Gunner Glad.
  • Senior right fielder Mark Galvin doubles to left-center field gap.
  • Senior designated hitter Brandon McFarland flies out to left fielder Chad Wright.
  • Sophomore left fielder Patrick Martin struck out swinging.

Bottom of the Second Inning

  • Senior center fielder Keenan Wiley grounds out 4-3.
  • Redshirt junior right fielder Neiko Johnson flies out to deep center where BGSU senior T. J. Blanton makes a Willie Mays-like catch.
  • Redshirt sophomore designated hitter Navarro Hall, making his first career start, flies out to left field.

Top of the Third Inning

  • Senior center fielder T. J. Blanton homers to left-center field.
  • BGSU 1, UK 0
  • Berti grounds out, second baseman Bisson to first baseman Glad.
  • Meisler singles on a ground ball to right field.
  • Vaughn hit by a pitch from Alex Meyer, Meisler to second base.
  • Henderson visiting the mound after Meyer gives up one in the inning and has two more on base.
  • Spencer flies out to right-fielder Neiko Johnson, Meisler tags up and moves to third.
  • Meisler picked off third base to end the inning. Meyer faked to third, threw to first and had Vaughn in a pickle. Glad then threw home after Meisler broke and after a few relays, Burns tagges Meisler out.

Bottom of the Third Inning

  • Junior shortstop Taylor Black reaches on a throwing error from BGSU shortstop Berti. Berti’s throw brought Vaughn off the bag at first and ricocheted into foul territory.
  • Black picked off first base, 1-3.
  • Second baseman Chris Bisson hit by a pitch from Smith. The umpire got a piece of that one as well and we’ve got a little delay while he recovers.
  • Left fielder Chad Wright homers on a wind-aided shot off the left-center scoreboard. Bisson scores.
  • BGSU 1, UK 2
  • Third baseman Andy Burns walks.
  • Catcher Marcus Nidiffer singles on a ground ball to left under the glove of BGSU third baseman Spencer. Burns to second.
  • First baseman Gunner Glad walks, Nidiffer to second, Burns to third.
  • Center fielder Keenan Wiley out on a sacrifice fly to left field. Burns tags and scores
  • BGSU 1, UK 3
  • Right fielder Neiko Johnson grounds out 4-3 to end the inning.

Top of the Fourth Inning

  • Catcher Tyler Elkins flies out to center fielder Keenan Wiley. Wiley made the catch with his back to the wall. The ball is traveling well toward left field today.
  • Right fielder Galvin strikes out swinging.
  • Designated hitter McFarland reaches on a throwing error from catcher Marcus Nidiffer. McFarland moved to second with the throw bounced away from first baseman Gunner Glad.
  • Martin strikes out swinging to end the inning.

Bottom of the Second Inning

  • Designated hitter Navarro Hall singles on a ground ball up the middle.
  • Black out on a sacrifice bunt, 3-4. Hall to second.
  • All-American second baseman Chris Bisson homers to left-center. Hall scores
  • BGSU 1, UK 5
  • Wright grounds out, 6-3. The ball took a convenient BGSU bounce off the mound right toward the shortstop.
  • Burns walks.
  • Burns steals second base.
  • Nidiffer hit by a pitch from Smith.
  • BGSU pitching change: Sophomore righty Ross Gerdeman replaces Smith.
  • Glad grounds out, 6-3.

Top of the Fifth Inning

  • Blanton doubles off the left field wall.
  • Blanton moves to third
  • Berti strikes out swinging
  • Meisler grounds out, third baseman Burns to first baseman Glad.
  • Vaughn singles on a ground ball to right field, Blanton scores.
  • BGSU 2, UK 5
  • Vaughn moves to second on a wild pitch.
  • Spencer grounds out, shortstop Black to first baseman Glad.

Bottom of the Fifth Inning

  • Going to be honest, I checked out of the press box for a minute for some food and when I came back Keenan Wiley and Neiko Johnson were on third and second respectively.
  • Navarro Hall struck out swmining.
  • Taylor Black out on a sacrifice fly to center field, Wiley scores, Johnson to third.
  • BGSU 2, UK 6
  • Bisson out on a swinging bunt, 3-1.

Top of the Sixth Inning

  • Elkins flies out to center.
  • Galvin singles on a ground ball to left.
  • McFarland strikes out looking.
  • Galvin to second on a wild pitch.
  • Martin singles on a ground ball to left, Galvin scores.
  • UK pitching change: Redshirt junior Matt Little in for Meyer
  • Blanton strikes out looking to end the inning.

Bottom of the Sixth Inning

  • Wright flies out to center
  • Andy Burns grounded out, 6-3.
  • Nidiffer strikes out swinging.

Top of the Seventh Inning

  • Berti reaches on an infield single to second base. Bisson almost made the play, but 1st base ump ruled Berti beat the throw to the bag.
  • Meisler grounds into a double-play, 1-4-3. Little made a great play to grab the shot up the middle and start the twin killing.
  • Vaughn grounds out, 5-3.

Bottom of the Seventh Inning

  • Glad strikes out looking on a pitch just off the plate. Fans didn’t like the call.
  • Wiley grounds out, 3-unassisted.
  • Johnson strikes out looking.

Top of the Eighth Inning

  • Spencer singles on a line drive to right field.
  • Elkins grounds into a double play, 5-4-3. UK doesn’t turn that without the catcher running, and Bisson may have been pulled off second by Burns’ throw anyway. Cats will take the two outs nonetheless.
  • Galvin walks.
  • McFarland grounds out 6-3.

Bottom of the Eight Inning

  • Hall strikes out.
  • Black walks.
  • Black steals second base.
  • Bisson walks.
  • Wright flies out to left field.
  • Burns strikes out swining

Top of the ninth

  • Borcherdt walks
  • Blanton hit by a pitch from Matt Little
  • Berti strikes out swinging.
  • Meisler walks.
  • Vaughn out on sac fly to left, Borcherdt scores.
  • Spencer grounds out to 2nd.

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