Kentucky players in week 8 power rankings

College Baseball

Zack Cox; University of Arkansas photo

Kendall Rogers of and Yahoo! Sports has released his latest weekly position-by-position college baseball power rankings and, as usual, several Kentucky players were included on the lists. I have listed the Kentucky players below, but check out the entire rankings here.

Third Base

  • 1) Zack Cox — Arkansas (PRP)
  • 5) Jayson LangfelsEastern Kentucky University
  • 9) Phil WunderlichUniversity of Louisville

Middle Infield

  • 7) Ryan Wright — UofL
  • 8) Drew LeeMorehead State University

First Base

  • 9) Andrew Clark — UofL


  • 10) Matt RiceWestern Kentucky University

Head Coach

  • 4) Dan McDonnell — UofL

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