BluGrass Baseball MLB May Awards

Major League Baseball

Corey Hart; Photo from Wikimedia Commons

In the final May awards post we’ll look at the standout performances among Kentucky natives in Major League Baseball. Remember, players need only to have been born in the state or attended school here to qualify:

Hitter of the month: Corey Hart (Bowling Green, Brewers)

  • Stats: 23-91 (.253), 10 HR, 22 RBI, 16 R,
  • Honorable Mention: Dan Uggla (Louisville, Marlins), Mark Reynolds (Pikeville, Diamondbacks), Austin Kearns (Lexington, Indians)

Pitcher of the month: Tyler Clippard (Lexington, Nationals)

  • Stats: 4-3, 3.24 ERA, 14 G, 17 SO, 16.2 IP
  • Honorable Mention: Jon Rauch (Louisville, Twins), Scott Downs (Louisville, Blue Jays), Shawn Kelley (Louisville, Mariners)

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