Trade Dealine: Downs, Hart headline Bluegrass rumors

Major League Baseball

Scott Downs; Photo from Wikimedia Commons

With just six days left until the July 31 MLB  non-waiver trade deadline rumors should be flying around the baseball world this week. Check out some updates on Kentucky players you might hear mention in trade talks and other links from around Kentucky baseball:

  • John Lott of the National Post in Canada profiles Louisville native and former UK left-handed pitcher Scott Downs, who says he wants to stay in Toronto despite rampant rumors that he will be traded this week.
  • Alex Speier of WEEI Radio in Boston reports the Blue Jays are seeking an elite prospect for Downs.
  • Jason Stark of reports sources tell him the Blue Jays are simply fanning the fires on Downs rumors for now and won’t get serious about trade talks until the weekend.
  • John Heyman of Sports Illustrated runs down the buyers in the trade market and outlines which teams might be possible landing destinations for Downs and Bowling Green native Corey Hart.
  • Buster Olney of quotes a rival executive as saying Hart will need to play before the deadline after recently injuring his wrist if the Brewers plan to trade him.

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