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I’m proud to announce BluGrass Baseball is joining a new central Kentucky-focused news website called KyForward, which launched yesterday. I will be working full-time for KyForward as the website’s sports editor and will be bringing BluGrass Baseball with me. What does this mean for BluGrass Baseball readers? Your favorite BluGrass Baseball features, including the “Ky in the Minors” and “Ky in the Majors” databases, are moving to KyForward as well. I will still post daily baseball updates on the KyForward “Our Sports” page. That page will have a special category for BluGrass Baseball content, which can be accessed here. The BluGrass Baseball archive of posts published before May 1, 2011, will remain at The BluGrass Baseball Twitter page will remain the place for up-to-the-minute breaking baseball news, but I encourage you to also follow my KyForward Twitter account, @jonkyforward, for other sports updates.

When I launched BluGrass Baseball almost two years ago, my goal was to fill a gaping hole in the media coverage of Kentucky baseball. It is that motivation that attracted me to KyForward, which hopes to fill the gaps in media coverage of all issues in central Kentucky. By moving to KyForward I will be able to devote my full effort to sports coverage. That means, in addition to the features you have become accustomed to from Bluegrass Baseball, I will be publishing in-depth stories about your favorite Kentucky baseball players and teams, including this one about Mount Sterling native Drew Lee. Baseball is not the only sport I will cover for KyForward, but you can expect to see the same level of baseball coverage there that BluGrass Baseball has made a name for.

I encourage you to become not just a regular reader of the KyForward sports coverage, but also the website’s coverage of all things Lexington and Central Kentucky. We boast an extremely talented staff that will cover the region in a way that has been lacking in the past. The KyForward team is committed to being your number one cyberspace stop for local news and information, interesting – even offbeat – stories well told, and overt “community-building.” You can see the early examples of the work you can come to expect from the website at Beginning later this week, will automatically re-direct you to the BluGrass Baseball posts on KyForward.

Jon Hale

BluGrass Baseball Founder

KyForward Sports Editor/Reporter

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