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Cincinnati Assistant GM Bob Miller checked in with readers on to chat about all things Reds.  Among the topics he touched on included several former and current Louisville Bats.  I’ve included those questions and answers below. (Read more)

flgator69: Is Winter Ball or an extended Spring Training available for some of our hitters’ improvement?

  • Miller: Instructional League starts next week and Winter Ball and the Arizona Fall League in October. Most of our better young players will be in one or more of those leagues getting more at-bats or innings under their belts.

redstockings54: My question is with the number of good outfielders we currently have, are there any plans to trade any of them. And if so, what is the plan?

  • Miller: All of these guys are young and most of them still have options to the Minors left, so we like our depth. If something comes along that will better our team or fill another need, we will always consider it.

ChangeUp: Jonny Gomes seems to really enjoy being a Red and is really showing he can come through in clutch situations. Would you say there is a good chance he will be a Red next season?

  • Miller: I hope so. He’s had a good year. Hopefully we can come to an agreement that makes both sides happy.

batsfan09: Enerio Del Rosario has had a great season as a relief pitcher in the Minor Leagues. Do you think he could be a part of next year’s bullpen? Could he possibly be a starter next year with Louisville, as he has been in previous years?

  • Miller: I think Del Rosario and Logan Ondrusek will both be knocking on the door to pitch in the Majors next year. Both of them had outstanding seasons.

punksroo: Which Minor League prospects are we likely to see this Spring?

  • Miller: Travis Wood, Del Rosario, Ondrusek, Yonder Alonso, Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Chris Valaika, Chris Heisey, etc.

lbentz11: I know it’s a bit premature, without writing off Matt Maloney, what are your thoughts on getting at least one left-handed starter for next season?

  • Miller: I think both Wood and Maloney will be good Major League pitchers. Give them some time.

BA Chat Highlights BluGrass Baseball

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The wonderful staff at Baseball America held its last “Prospect Hot Sheet” chat of the season Friday and it wasn’t without relevant BluGrass Baseball questions.  Check out those questions and answers plus more here, but I’ve provided a sampling of them below.

Steven (Kentucky): Who's will be the better ML pitcher...Robbie Ross or Christian Friedrich?

  • Ben Badler: Friedrich. Ten more strikeouts yesterday in the playoffs for him, by the way.

Brandon (Utah): Is Ryan Strieby now a better prospect than Cale Iorg?

  • Ben Badler: I think Strieby’s always been a better prospect than Iorg.

MIKE (PAINTSVILLE,KY): Where do you see tim beckham playing at in 2010

  • Ben Badler: Playing shortstop for high Class A Charlotte, but there are a lot of questions about whether he’ll remain at shortstop long term. He looked a lot thicker this year compared to when I saw him in the Appy League last year, and I know a lot of scouts who have seen him this year who have similar concerns about his ability to remain in the middle of the diamond.

Adam (NYC): Can you shed some light on the enigma that is John Shelby Jr.? What type of ceiling does he have with the White Sox? He seems to be up and down with his ability to play his tools, one night being electric and the next night looking lost.

  • Ben Badler: He’s got speed, but the bat has a long ways to go.

Mitch Dowden (Pickering, LA): Well it seems that Jason Castro will be in the top 100 but who else will join him? Possibly Jordan Lyles?

  • Ben Badler: Castro, Lyles and Jio Mier are all top 100 candidates. I saw Tim Beckham in the Appy League last year and saw Mier there this year. Beckham had more bat speed, but Mier had a better approach at the plate, was a better defender and a faster runner than Beckham.

Ted (new york): Ok, if your prospect of the year isn’t Travis Wood, why not? And while we’re on the topic, when does he join the cincy rotation and is he a #2 or #2 starter?

  • J.J. Cooper: Because our prospect of the year is based on prospect status combined with their production and the context of the season. Wood had a great season, but even with that, it’s hard to find scouts who see him being more than a back-end of the rotation starter. And with Cueto, Harang, Arroyo and Bailey already in Cincinnati (plus Edinson Volquez coming back from TJ at some point next year), Wood doesn’t have an easy path to a spot in the Reds’ rotation next year. That being said, I would expect to see him start in Cincinnati some next year.

Larry (Texas): What is the story on Logan Ondrusek. He rose through three levels for the Reds. Seems to be pitching pretty well this year. There is no information on him other than he is pitching extremely well and that he is pitching in the AFL.

  • J.J. Cooper: The move to the pen was a good one for him. He simplified his selection of pitches and focused on blowing away hitters with a 93-94 mph fastball that he can cut. He could be a part of the Reds’ future big league bullpen.