Discussion: Is LLWS Too Much?

Youth Baseball

Little LeagueDan Patrick and his staff at the Dan Patrick Show were discussing “appropriate coverage” of the Little League World Series this morning.  Their discussion and the performance of the Logan County Little League made me wonder if there might be a valid point to overexposing 12-year-olds at the World Series.  The Logan County team lost each of its three games and suffered the “10-Run Rule” in two of them.  At what point does exposing 12-year-old children in that situation to a national television audience become too much?

Personally, I think the coverage is good for the most part.  ESPN played up the Logan County small population a lot and highlighted the differences between the Kentucky champions and their opponents in each game.  While, at times, this seemed over the top it did help place their blowout losses in proper context.  My only complaint occured when ESPN chose to show some players on the Logan County team and other teams at moments of “emotional instability.”  A 12-year-old kid can cry when he loses a big game; showing that on national television is a little over the top.

I also could do without some of the conversations on the mound between coach and athlete.  No one can believe that the presence of the microphones doesn’t alter the content of those conversations, so why include them at all?

What is your take?  Check out the first hour of the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to hear the discussion.

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